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Here is a link to the files on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_7YojLaInK8X3F1bldpeEZvZzA – Please refer to your campus for your campus files directly.

Campus Pastor,

We’re really excited about the new payment system available for your campus. We wanted to get you the following information to assist you and your campus information, which will help you in integrating it in the right places.

We do suggest that you ask your users to put their bank account information in the system, as the cost to us is much less than them using a credit or debit card. How you do that, we suggest that you mention this during your initial announcement moment.

Here are the suggestions to getting the right integration points in place. All of the files mentioned below, including this one will be in the PushPay folder on Google Drive. An invitation will be sent to you from the IT department. Please remember to add the folder to your drive, so the files will sync to your laptop.

Bulletin Inserts

We have designed a bulletin insert for your campus. Our suggestion is that you place those for the first 3 weeks of you releasing PushPay to your campus. This insert will give your congregation the information needed to start the text to give and app download on their phones and/or tablets.

This insert in addition to the video, will give users the information they will need to get everything started on their end.


PushPay has created a video for you to use during your giving message. It is a short video that illustrated how a user can download the app from their phone and begin giving. Please submit a ticket if you need a video, as the IT department will need to communicate on your behalf to PushPay.


We have created a square and wide screen type slide, for you to use during your giving time & services. 


We have designed a new envelope for you to use on Sunday morning, that includes the text to information. Our suggestion is that you finish using the envelopes already in your possession and then on your next re-order use the new template.

Text to

To initiate the PushPay giving system, all you need to do is text ‘yourcampusname’ to 77977


We want to help you migrate to your current users that may currently give with ACS. There are a few key things you should do, to ensure that users migrate properly. Utilize the material we have given you, but also take a moment to follow through with letters. Here is what PushPay has to say about migrating users. 


Below is a sample letter you could use



We have an important update regarding online giving at Victorville First Assembly of God, and we need your help! Your generosity and financial partnership with Victorville First Assembly of God is immensely appreciated. You currently have scheduled giving set up in our old online giving system through ACS. We are now in the process of transitioning our online system to a new giving experience called Pushpay, which allows for simple giving from a variety of platforms, including mobile giving. This has replaced online giving in ACS.

It is our goal to get all recurring giving switched over in the next 3 months, so we need to get your scheduled gifts transitioned to the new system.

Here’s how:

Part One: Cancel scheduled gifts in ACS

Login to the ACS system and then click on Giving > My Scheduled Giving. On this page, you can manage your recurring payments, by cancelling them. In addition, you can click on the link “Manage Payment Methods” and remove all of the credit/debit cards, along with your bank account information.

Part Two: Setting up a new recurring gift using Pushpay

Visit https://pushpay.com/pay/yourcampusname/recurring and set up your automatic gift using Pushpay. The recurring gift option should already be selected and you can simply set up your automatic gift. After you set up your recurring gift, you will be prompted to complete the setup of your new account!

As always, if you have any questions, please call (760) XXX-XXXX or email us at yourcampus@vfassembly.org. We are so blessed that you have made the commitment to give in this way, and are honored that you have decided to help us continue to expand God’s family.


The Team at Victorville First Assembly of God.


https://pushpay.com/pay/yourcampusname is the direct link to the giving webpage for integration on your website. If you’d like to create a button on your website you can use the following code snippet.



<a href=”https://pushpay.com/pay/yourcampusname”>

<input type=”button” value=”Give”

formtarget=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer” style=”

align-content: center;

background: rgb(207,21,10);

font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

font-size: 1.60em;

border-bottom-left-radius: 5px;

border-top-left-radius: 5px;

border-bottom-right-radius: 5px;

border-top-right-radius: 5px;

height: 50px;

width: 150px;

border: none;

color: white;

font-weight: 500;

letter-spacing: 1px;

cursor: pointer;

-webkit-appearance: none” />




If you have trouble integrating this to your campus website, please submit a ticket to our IT department, located at www.vvag.org. Our IT team would be happy to help you integrate this to your website.


Why PushPay?

In short, they are giving the church great pricing for credit card transactions. In addition, their system is really easy to use, which has not always been the case for our current system.

Can a user have recurring giving?

Absolutely! Once the user take about 3-5 minutes to setup their account information, the system will ask them if this is a one time or recurring gift. The user would choose recurring and then the day of month they’d like to give and it’s done. In addition, once their bank information is in the system, a one time gift will take no longer than 15 seconds.

Does the user need the app to give?

No. They can give online through their laptop and/or desktop, however, the app is the intended use. It’s been designed to simplify the effort to give. It’s free and easy to setup and use.

Can they give online through a website on their laptop and/or computer?

Yes! Users can give online and/or through the app. In addition, they can manage their giving online, download giving statements and make changes to their account.

I know it works on Android & Apple phones, but what about Windows and other smartphones?

Any smartphone can give via our web giving solution but we only have an app on the Apple/Android store.

Can we as a campus change the designation for giving?

At this time no. This will all be managed by the accounting department, as there are some specific steps that need to take place behind the scenes in order for the funds to properly show up in the overall system.

How do givers find my organization?

Organizations are listed according to distance from your current geolocation. If your GPS is not enabled or you don’t see the organization you are looking for, you can search by partial or full name of the organization. You can also save an organization to your list of favorites for faster access.

Is PushPay safe?

Yes. They do not store any credit card information on our servers. The security setup we have used is the same as many banks and is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. For this reason, Pushpay is considered significantly more secure than many current offerings including actually having a credit card physically present.

What if I lose my phone?

If your phone is lost, simply log into your Pushpay account and turn off authorization for the lost device.

What if I forget my security passcode?

Log out of the Pushpay app and log back in to create a new passcode.

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